Safer Neighbourhood Team – April Update

The East Finchley Safer Neighbourhood team have written to local residents to alert us to the recent spate of Moped and Motorcycle thefts that have taking place.

Sometimes these vehicles are then dumped and set on fire.

The Safer Neighbourhood team ask all Moped and Motorcycle owners to consider taking appropriate preventive measures to protect our vehicles:

  • Use a Disc Lock
  • Use a substantial chain and lock
  • If possible, place the vehicle in a secure Garage/out building

And obviously, if you know who is behind the thefts please help resolve the problem by getting in touch with the Safer Neighbourhood team.

The Safer Neighbourhood Team are also promoting their local e-watch scheme. Basically e-watch is when the police e-mail you to tell you about reported crime(s) that have happened in your road so that you are aware and can then take appropriate action to prevent further crimes from happening.

For example; If a house on your street was burgled the police may e-mail you so that you are aware that a burglary has taken place, as a result of you knowing this information, you might then take extra care to make sure your own home is more secure – hopefully preventing further burglaries. 

The scheme may also act as a deterrent as local crooks wise up and realise that we are all working together to tackle crime in our neighbourhoods.

The police will e-mail you and tell you:

  • What crime happened.
  • When the crime happened.
  • How the crime happened (when possible)

Also any general information the Police think you need to know in relation to crime and civil related issues of interest.

The Police basically want to ensure that local residents are aware of what is happening, and want to improve communication so that we can all work together to prevent crime happening in our neighbourhoods.

If you would like to be placed on the East Finchley Safer Neighbourhood Team e-watch mailing list then please e-mail  with your name, road name and door number.

Resident e-mail addresses and details will remain anonymous from other residents and only be used for e-watch. Victims details are kept confidential. Residents can be removed from the e-watch mailing list on request.

East Finchley Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT)


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