Green Man Notice Boards

There are currently eight notice boards at the Green Man Community Centre, two external notice boards (A & B). A displays basic information about the Green Man Community Centre and East Finchley Advice Service whilst B provides displays information from Peabody.

Entering the centre you will find two more notice boards (C & D). C displays information about activities that are taking place in the centre, whilst D displays information provided by Peabody, and events in the local neighbourhood of East Finchley.

Halfway up the stairs is notice board E, displaying information about the Green Man’s development plan. Whilst at the top of the steps is notice board F which is allocated to East Finchley Advice Service.

Upstairs are two more notice boards (G & H), G displays general notices whilst H is currently displaying feedback from a consultation regarding what events, services and facilities people would like to see at the centre.

Finally, we also have a virtual notice board on our Facebook page, where we display posters that we scan in and publish as pictures in our notice board album.

If you would like to advertise your activities on any of our notice boards please contact Mark on 020 8815 0703

or post C/O Green Man Community Centre, Strawberry Vale, N2 9BA


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Centre Administrator - Green Man Community Centre
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