Gardening Club Update 13/06/11

Once again the new Strawberry Vale Gardening Club met up at the Green Man Community Centre to discuss how the garden plot is developing, and to talk about ideas on how we can get more people involved in the Group.

We spent three-quarters of the session in the new computer room, using Google to look up local gardening facilities and also search for some images to use on the poster that Mark proposed we designed to advertise the club.

We found a number of useful pictures, then whittled them down and put them together with a few words describing what the club is all about – which is basically getting local residents who are interested in gardening together, to help us develop the plot of land next to the Green Man into a Community Garden.

Mark has created an e-mail address for the gardening club to use, so that we can start promoting ourselves. After the artwork was completed, we went next door to the garden to check it over and lay out some of the saplings that Gloria has been growing at home.

We then ploughed a bit more of the plot before packing up for the evening. Looking forward to the next session next Monday at 5pm.


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Centre Administrator - Green Man Community Centre
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