GMMG Committee confirm process for NCR FUND Consultation

The Green Man Management Group (GMMG) met on the 7th September to discuss plans for the NCR Fund Consultation that is due to take place on the Strawberry Vale Estate during the course of the next couple of months.

Mark Healey, the centre manager said “It is important that all the residents on Strawberry Vale get a chance to put forward their ideas on how this fund could be spent for the benefit of local residents. I want to ensure that the whole process is managed in an open and transparent way so that everyone has an equal opportunity to participate, and during the process I will be available to assist residents with their ideas as much as possible”.

Residents can expect a letter from the GMMG committee outlining the whole process which will be delivered by hand on the 26th September. Residents will then have 28 days to draft their proposals and return them by the 24th October which is the deadline for all the ideas to be submitted. The GMMG committee are going to organise some drop-in sessions where residents can pop in to the centre and discuss and develop their ideas.

A panel consisting of Mark Healey, a member of the GMMG committee, a member of Peabody and an independent person will then review the proposals submitted to check that they match the funds criteria.

Those that match the criteria will then be passed to the GMMG committee who will put together an exhibition at the centre. The Exhibition will open on the 5th November and run until the 10th November during which time residents will be able to come and view the different proposals and cast their votes on what they would like to see the NCR Fund spent on.

On Friday 11th November, there will be a public count of the votes and the winning proposals will be identified. The GMMG committee will then have until the 25th November to put together an Estate Newsletter which will include the successful projects and outline when they will start.

If anyone has any questions – please feel to speak to members of the GMMG Committee, amd also feel welcome to pop up to the Green Man Community Centre and speak to the Centre Manager Mark Healey, or you can call on 020 8815 0703.



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