amey cleans up land opposite centre

Good to see the team of workers from Amey cleaning up the land opposite the Green Man Community Centre this morning. It is now several months since the last clean up was carried out by Transport for London and the vegetation was in desperate need of a good trim.

Mark Healey commented “It really makes a difference to the residents of Strawberry Vale to see this land being regularly maintained by Transport for London and the Council. I remember when I first started working at the centre and the vegetation was so overgrown it was difficult to get a child’s buggy down the pathway from the bus stop. It was a real battle for local residents and both Jessica Robinson (Peabody‘s Neighbourhood Manager) and myself raised this with the local MP Mike Freer. Now the vegetation has been cut back it is so much better, and there is plenty of room for people accessing the centre. This is particularly important¬†for the elderly and less able users of the centre who found the overgrown pathways difficult to navigate. Now there is plenty of space. A vast improvement and everyone is happy.”


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