UK online centres update 06/12/11

Did you know that almost half of all the adults in the UK who do not use computers and the internet live in social housing? This is a really worrying statistic as without access to the internet and the skills to use it it can be even harder than usual for people to find work or save money on goods and services.

Which is one of the reasons why we have a Computer Room Free for Strawberry Vale residents to use at the Green Man Community Centre, with eight computers provided by Peabody.

The centre is signed up to Uk online centres so that we can access them for training and support, which means we are in a great position to help residents get on-line.

Using Public Services online

The great public services that are available online are one of the most important reasons for helping someone use internet for the first time.  From information on pensions, health care and education, to filling in forms and even paying bills, there’s no end to the services your learners can access on government websites.

The ‘Public Services’ module on Online basics course is a great introduction to the benefits of using online services and for a bit more detail, and the ‘Using public services online’ course has some great tips on the online government resources.

Both courses can be accessed at the Green Man Community Centre.

Give an hour for Christmas

UK online centres is really getting into the Christmas spirit and are encouraging everyone else to do the same by helping someone they know get online for the first time during the Christmas break.

Give an hour for Christmas, Race Online 2012’s winter campaign, is encouraging as many people as possible to make use of all the great resources on the Digital Champions website by showing an offliner how the internet could change their life.

They’ve created some fantastic vouchers to make it easy for people to give the web as a gift, which you can see here. Why not print this voucher off and to give it to offline friends or family over the festive period?

New Year, New You!

Running from 23 January until the 17 Febraury, the next UK online centre’s campaign will encourage people to use the internet to help with jobs and benefits, to find outr more about pensions and take advantage of the health information available.

Top Website

As the weather takes a turn for the wintery, many of people may be starting to worry about getting around and their safety on the roads. The ‘Using motorways and roads’ section of the Directgov website is a great first port of call for anyone wanting more information about road safety and traffic in their area. From up to date traffic information to details on roadworks and tips on planning your journeys, the website should have everything they need.

Find out more here


In the build up to Christmas UK online centres are sharing their top tips on how the internet can help you have a hassle free festive season, and they would love to hear yours!

Tell them what you’d show an internet beginner to prove that being online really can make their Christmas better and they will use their favourites as part of their Advent top tips camapaign!

NB: This post is based upon an e-mail 06/12/11 from Helen Milner Managing Director Uk online centres.


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