Access to the Green Man cleared this morning

Mark Healey, the Centre Manger was out clearing paths around the centre first thing this morning following the downfall of snow that took place at the weekend.

He said “I think that it is really important that we do what we can to make sure that it is safe for residents and users of the centre to be able to walk up and down the hill. We have a lot of elderly people, and young families living on Strawberry Vale who need to be able to get in and out of the estate. It was quite treacherous this morning and a couple of residents have had accidents at the bottom of the hill. I’ve made sure that the path leading up to the bus stop is cleared and gritted. It is times like this that those of us who are able need to do what we can to look out for our neighbours – hopefully others will do the same!”

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Unfortunately Church at Five was cancelled on Sunday, and Bingo has been cancelled tonight but we hope that everything else at the centre will take place as usual. Further updates will be posted if necessary.


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Centre Administrator - Green Man Community Centre
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