3rd London Well Being Conference sponsored by Peabody

The third annual London Well-being Conference took place on Thursday 9th February.

Hosted by Peabody, it brought together 150 guests from London’s social housing, health and well-being sectors together with representatives from Government to explore how best to inspire and empower social housing residents and their wider communities to make positive choices that improve their well-being.

The conference reviewed how London’s social housing communities can respond to challenges impacting the well-being of residents, including unemployment, crime and youth unrest and reduced funding for community programmes in the current financial climate.

More details are available on the London Well-being Conference website

Find out what these people thought of the conference by clicking here.

Green Man Centre Manager Mark Healey said “I’m glad that I attended this event, it was interesting listening to what the various speakers had to say about the issue of well-being, and how housing providers have a great role to play working with tenants and residents to improve conditions on our estates.  It made me think about it, and what it could mean to the average resident on the estate. There are some real opportunities here.”


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