Net Worx successful launch at the Green Man

Tuesday 28th February saw the successful launch of the Net Worx project at the Green Man Community Centre in East Finchley. The project aims to help local residents, especially those living on the Strawberry Vale estate,  get on-line so that they can reap the benefits of using the internet.

The idea for the project is simple. Net Worx are looking for local volunteers in the East Finchley area who they will train up to help others who are taking their first steps getting on-line. Two volunteers have already stepped forward, Olajide Akinbote and Naphtal Motha and others expected to join the team over the next few months.

Centre Manager, Mark Healey said “It is really good to see Peabody launching the Net Worx Project at the Green Man. I have seen how it has helped other residents on other estates and I hope that it has the same positive impact here. Maria Vitale and Jeanette Manu who work for Peabody are really friendly and approachable, and I am sure that they will make new comers to the group feel really welcome. Net Worx is about helping local residents get on-line and feel comfortable using computers.”

The Net Worx sessions will run Every Tuesday 2pm to 4pm at the Green Man.

For more info please contact: Jeanette Manu 0207 021 4659


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Centre Administrator - Green Man Community Centre
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