“A Tale of Two Barnets” showing at the Green Man 14/5

“A Tale of Two Barnets” which was recently showed at The Phoenix Cinema will be shown again at the Green Man Community Centre. Ruth Kutner is organising this showing of the film on Monday 14th May in Meeting Room 1. The room is booked from 18:30. All welcome.

Ruth’s Synopsis of the film:

“A Tale of Two Barnets” is a half-hour film made for Barnet residents, by Barnet residents and featuring Barnet residents and the purpose is to let residents know what is being done in their name but often against their wishes.  The Council has a plan, called One Barnet, to give huge contracts to multinational companies to provide public services such as sheltered housing for the elderly, council houses, various services for disabled people and who will be aiming to make profits (which they  will keep) from reducing the labour force, reducing wages and reducing the quality of services they are contracted to provide.

The world-famous film director Ken Loach has provided an introduction and the speakers are residents talking about how the cuts and privatisation affect their lives, what is going wrong and what would make things better.  The local senior police officer and officers of the Council give their views as does the leader of Barnet Borough Council, Councillor Cornelius.  All of these people are expressing their own views and you may be shocked by the information.

The views expressed in the film are not necessarily shared by the Green Man Management Committee.


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