Cold Callers – if in doubt, keep them out!

The East Finchley Safer Neighbourhood team have let us know that there is a problem with bogus cold callers in the area, so we all need to be aware that we need to more vigilant when opening our front doors.

The general advice is not to let cold callers into your home.

They may give you various reason why they need to gain access but if in doubt, it is best to keep them out.

Things you can do include:

  • Use a spy hole, or have one fitted so that you can see who is at the door without opening it.
  • Preferably don’t  open the door to cold callers at all, if you have to speak to them do so from a window. If you are opening the door, make sure the safety catch and chain are on.
  • Check the ID presented but don’t trust it, make sure you verfying it too by calling the relevant company to make sure that the visit is genuine.
  • Have list of contact details of the utility companies that are likely to request access to your property.
  • Set up a password between yourself and the utility companies so that when they call you know they are genuine.

If in doubt, remember – best to keep them out.

And if they are persistent, call 101 or 999 for assistance depending on how you perceive the cold callers behaviour / threat.


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