New Benches and bike stands arrive at the Green Man

Those walking past the Green Man Community Centre first thing this morning will have noticed two new benches being delivered and installed.

One bench has been placed next the Hawthorne Dean House and the other is located (with a new bike stand) directly opposite the main doors of the centre.


The benches and bike stands are two out of six projects that are being funded out of the North Circular Road Fund following the consultation that took place with residents last year.

The benches were proposed by Josie Poulter and the Bike stands by Mary Dowling.

Josie said “I’m really pleased to see them installed although I thought that they would be a bit bigger. I know a lot of residents will appreciate them, especially those who struggle up and down the hill”.

Centre Manager Mark Healey said “I am very pleased to see the benches and bike stands installed, and to see people using them already. It was nice to see some of the Institute students having their lunch break outside earlier and the residents that I have spoken to so far have been happy to see them installed. I’m also glad to see the bike stands – it is important to have somewhere safe for people using the centre to chain their bikes and the new bike rack is perfect (and it is covered by one of our external cctv cameras too).”


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Centre Administrator - Green Man Community Centre
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