Nice to see the new bike stand already in use!

Picture of the first bike (belonging to Ashley one of The Institute staff) chained to the new bike stand which has been installed opposite the Green Man.

“It’s good to see people using the bike stands already. I am really pleased about this because it shows that they are not a waste of money and now people don’t need to bring their bikes into the centre to keep them safe – they can chain them up outside. I like the fact that we can now encourage people to cycle to the centre and are able to provide a safe place for them to chain their bikes. Earlier in the year we installed a new £26k state of the art CCTV camera system in the centre, and have made sure that one of the external cameras is positioned to cover the new bench and bike stand area outside.”

Mary Dowling proposed that £1,400 be used from the North Circular Road Fund to install the new bike stands, which was agreed by residents during the consultation process that took place towards the end of last year. Unfortunately this was not enough to cover the costs of installing the three bike stand areas that were originally proposed; by the centre, the shop and the multi-sports cages (but hopefully the other two sites can be added at a later date if more funds become available).

The Green Man Community Centre managed to save about £500 by having the bike stands installed at the same time as the new benches, and managed to get the eight-bike stand rack for free as part of a Transport for London promotion which included signing the centre up to

Mark added “I am glad to see the bike stand installed in time for the Greenacre Bike Rally which is due to take place on Sunday 10th June, it gives us a chance to show our support to their ongoing campaign to improve cycling provision in Barnet.”

If you would like to resister for the Greenacre Bike Rally click here.


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