Peabody activate give Green Man more garden supplies

Sam Bedford, one of Peabody’s Community Development Officers turned up yesterday afternoon at the Green Man Community Centre with some equipment for the gardening group.

He supplied us with materials to build another raised bed, some bags of soil, a new spade, a fork, some hand tools, a large seed tray, a plastic basket and an assorted batch of seeds.

Members of the gardening group set to work planting out 7 trays of seeds; Tomatoes, Onions, Lettuce, potatoes and some flower seeds. Hopefully they will start to germinate over the next couple of weeks so we will be able to plant them out mid-june.

Meanwhile some of the sunflowers we planted a couple of weeks ago were moved into one of the beds so that they can now be trained up the railings.

As well as one pot of potatoes, we replanted a couple of the shrubs donated by Malcolm Beech who runs the local gardening firm Forget me not gardens. We still have a few more containers to plant but will need another trip to the local garden centre to get some more soil.

Next gardening group meeting is Tuesday 12th June.


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Centre Administrator - Green Man Community Centre
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