As many of you know we have been working hard over the last year to give local people access to the Computer Room. Many people have benefitted from this access, whether to get online for the first time, shop, look for a job or just keep in touch with friends/ family using social media like Facebook.
We would love to have the Computer Room open every day for local people to use and to get help starting if they are new to computers. However, we can only provide this free access with the help of volunteers, to supervise the space and assist users.
Thanks to local volunteers such as Gary Connelly and Sandra Docherty we can offer Tuesday and Thursday mornings, and Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons. With your help we could be offering more.
If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Patrick on 020 7021 4784. Anyone with basic IT knowledge or specialist IT skills you would like to share with others, we will also be delighted to hear from you.
Tuesday and Wednesday Afternoons:
General access, but particularly useful for beginners wishing to study online courses at their own pace.
Wednesday Mornings:
On Wednesday mornings our friends from the Richmond Fellowship manage the room to help people looking for work to search online and develop their CV’s.

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