Paul returns home safely

paulAfter six days at large in the Green Man Community Centre, Paul the Dove finally came down last night and handed himself in.

It ended a week of drama at the centre, as Paul took in the massive range of activities on offer.  The attempts to coax him down all failed.  The Clown / Magician Squrtie Wertie returned and used his new technique of throwing juggling balls at him in the hope that he would get tired from the constant disturbance and come down  and land.  Unfortunately that did not work, with one if Mr Wertie balls getting wedged in the roof.

I spoke to Bernard from the Dove of Love in Beford.  He was a great help, a mine of information and even offered to drive down and rehome Paul.

He told me Paul was a Java Dove and if he did leave the building he would be unable to survive more than a couple of days.  Apparently the White Doves released at Weddings, etc are actually white rock homing pigeons.
Bernard suggested a cardboard box propped up by a piece of wood, tied to some string.  With food and water placed under the box when he eventually went there we could pull the string and capture him humanely.  But Paul was to smart for that.
Last night at about 6pm as the cleaners started work he finally decided to come down.  He was captured in a clear plastic box and was quickly collected and back home safely within a couple of hours.
He brought a lot of fun and the different groups using the centre enjoyed his presence.  Why did he come down at that particular moment?  I like to think it was the iminent arrival of the Woodcraft Folk that persuaded him that the game was up.

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