Green Man Community Centre

The Green Man Community Centre is primarily a resource for residents of the Strawberry Vale estate. It is named after the Green Man pub which was demolished when the North Circular Road was widened, and the centre opened in 2000.

Facilities include a large hall, two meeting rooms, a community kitchen, a computer room, the Green Man Management Group committee room, a small box room, toilets on both floors, three offices and an enclosed garden at the rear of the premises (see our hiring facilities section for more details). There is plenty of parking space nearby, and a large patch of land next to the centre which is due to be developed into a community garden.

A number of groups and activities take place at the centre, including the groups run by Hope House (Only Girls, Only Boys, Coffee & Kids and Churchatfive), two luncheon clubs run by Age Uk Barnet and Barnet Network, Tae Kwon Do and Zumba classes (check out our activities pages for information and times).

Peabody uses the large downstairs office as a hub office for it’s staff; including Patrick (who covers reception) and Jessica (the estate manager). They share with Maureen (from Credit Union) along with other members of Peabody staff who occasionally pop into the office.

The Centre Administrators’ office is accessed through the Green Man Management Group Committee Room which is located at the top of the stairs (there is a lift as well).

You can follow the centre on our Facebook page (Greenmancentre)and Twitter (#GreenManCentre).



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