Strawberry Vale Estate

The estate is currently owned by Peabody.


Strawberry Vale was originally called Brownswell. By the 17th century it was a small hamlet with an inn, The Green Man (demolished 1990s).

When Finchley Common was enclosed the Regents Canal Company intended to flood sections of it to produce a large reservoir but the company sold it instead in 1818 to James Frost. Frost built the house Hawthorne Dene (1826) as a demonstration of the flexibility of various materials which were new at that time, with cast iron ceilings and banisters as well as concrete; and the house is considered to be unique. It was listed in 1962 after a campaign led by the comedian Spike Milligan.

Strawberry Vale remained the last real farm in Finchley during the 1960s. As such it was run by Evan Evans, a horse breeder whose horses had an international reputation.

In the 1850s Octavia Hill spent part of her childhood at Brownswell Cottages. British and Colonial Films used Newstead House from 1911 until about 1916 as a film studio, here they made films like ”Robin Hood Outlawed” and in 1912 and a number of the ”Lieutenant Daring”, series.

In xxx Strawberry Vale was purchased by Camden & Islington Council and the current housing estate was built. In xxx the ownership of the estate was transferred to Peabody.

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