01. Using this manual

This manual has been created by the community development team to give information and support to resident led management committees of community facilities on Peabody estates.

We appreciate the amount of time that management committees commit voluntarily to support community projects on their estates and would like to offer support, training and guidance to them. In this manual there is a practical advice and information, from running activities to health and safety, so that committees can focus on continuing  to deliver a quality service.

Included with this manual is a CD that contains some sample documents, which you can amend to suit your own purposes. There are also hard copy documents that are specific to your community facility, this includes:

  • Master Tenancy at Will Agreement with Peabody
  • Record of inspections (fire safety, gas and electric)
  • H&S and Fire Safety Risk assessments
  • Maintenance Log

For more information contact the Peabody Community Development Team.

Foot note:

The community development team support Peabody residents to run community facilities on their estates. The Support they give includes:

  • being a point of contact between community facility management committees and Peabody
  • meeting with the committee every 3 months
  • advice and information regarding repairs, health and safety and other building management issues
  • advice and information regarding running community activities including funding, capacity building and other development issues for management committees.



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