03. Incident and accident reporting guidelines and forms

Serious Incident Notification Procedure

By law, the Trust must report all serious incidents that affect Trust visitors, residents, staff or contractors.

All volunteers must notify the emergency contact about serious incidents as soon as possible.

What is a serious incident?

  • Death or serious injury where a person is taken to hospital as a result of an accident, whether they are a visitor, resident, staff or contractor.
  • Fire and explosions where there is damage to the building, ecessive smoke, water damage or injury to people.
  • An infectious disease affecting either a resident or member of staff.
  • Unplanned evacuation of a building or estate.
  • Legionella incident where there is confirmed high count or infection.
  • Asbestos incident where possible exposure has taken place.
  • Any instance of physical violence or severe verbal abuse to staff.
  • Incident where Peabody Trust Emergency Procedures are evoked.
  • Any incident which is likely to generate media interet either because of the people involved or the nature of the incident.

Even if you are unsure about the severity of an incident – report it.

How do I report a serious incident?

If you know of a Serious Incident, you should:

  1. Call the emergency contact Martin O’Donnell on 07919 381 585
  2. If you are unable to get through, report the incident to Peabody Direct immediately on 0800 022 4040

For more information about serious incidents please contact the community development team or visit the Health & Safety Executive website (click here).

Non serious accidents or incidents notification procedure

All incidents and accidents should be recorded on the reporting forms below.

Please send this form to your community development officers as soon as possible after the accident or incident.

Please report all accidents not matter how small, if you are unsure whether an incident needs to be reported please contact the community development team as soon as possible.

  • An accident is an unexpected event which results in an injury.
  • An incident is any event which does not result in an injury but causes a siturbance, such as threatening behaviour, a fire or a break in.

This includes any ‘near misses’ when you feel that a more serious accident or incident could have happened.

Links to download copies of forms:






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