Green Man Summer Activities

Summer activitiesThe summer holidays are now upon us and some may ask ‘ How shall I entertain my children’. With this question in mind, the Green Man Management Committee has organised several activities for the residents of the Strawberry Vale estate. Hopefully this will help towards keeping the young ones entertained.

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Paul returns home safely

paulAfter six days at large in the Green Man Community Centre, Paul the Dove finally came down last night and handed himself in.

It ended a week of drama at the centre, as Paul took in the massive range of activities on offer.  The attempts to coax him down all failed.  The Clown / Magician Squrtie Wertie returned and used his new technique of throwing juggling balls at him in the hope that he would get tired from the constant disturbance and come down  and land.  Unfortunately that did not work, with one if Mr Wertie balls getting wedged in the roof.

I spoke to Bernard from the Dove of Love in Beford.  He was a great help, a mine of information and even offered to drive down and rehome Paul.

He told me Paul was a Java Dove and if he did leave the building he would be unable to survive more than a couple of days.  Apparently the White Doves released at Weddings, etc are actually white rock homing pigeons.
Bernard suggested a cardboard box propped up by a piece of wood, tied to some string.  With food and water placed under the box when he eventually went there we could pull the string and capture him humanely.  But Paul was to smart for that.
Last night at about 6pm as the cleaners started work he finally decided to come down.  He was captured in a clear plastic box and was quickly collected and back home safely within a couple of hours.
He brought a lot of fun and the different groups using the centre enjoyed his presence.  Why did he come down at that particular moment?  I like to think it was the iminent arrival of the Woodcraft Folk that persuaded him that the game was up.

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The Dove Above


The Green Man is always a welcoming place and one recent visitor has been particularly reluctant to leave. On Saturday, the centre hosted a children’s party, and as part of the celebration a magician was hired to entertain the guests. It was all going well, with a white rabbit pulled out of a top hat. Then a small white dove magically appeared. The dove soared high up into the roof of the Green Man hall, where it remained, stubbornly ignoring the magician’s calls of “Paul, Paul”.
With his magical powers and patience evidently draining, the magician gave up and told the event supervisor to leave the window open and he would fly home.

The windows were left open, but the next day he still remained high up in the roof looking down on centre users.  And there he remains, despite different tactics to bring him out.

Yesterday, several members of the Green Man Management Committee popped in to see Paul, each, like myself convinced that their own approach would coax him down. Each effort seemed to feature calling his name sweetly and whistling.  Three members did the chicken song; another left food by the fire exit.  My own last attempt as I locked up the centre last night featured silence and outstreched arms mimicking the magicians posture.

As well as the children’s party on Saturday, he joined the congregation at the church service on Sunday and yesterday’s AGE UK  lunch club, where he delighted the 20+ members.  Alright he has not fully participated, but he is new to the centre.  The social whirl would have been more intense if it were not for half term.  He would have had bingo last night and the youth clubs tonight and tomorrow.

I’m on my way to the centre now and wonder if he will have eaten the food we left for him?  Will he meekly hand himself in or stare down imperiously?  Is he aware that this morning’s yoga class is women only?

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AGM Reminder

Please do not forget our annual AGM on Wednesday 22nd June 6.30 to 9pm. All welcome.

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We are pleased to announce that we will be having a table top sale on SATURDAY 8TH JUNE from 10am to 2pm. If you have any unwanted items you wish to sell please do come along. The hire of a table will be £5.00 and anyone is welome. Don’t miss this great opportunity to turn any old items into money.

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Centre refurbishment

Refurbishment 2013 081

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