North Circular Road Fund

This consultation process has now been completed 11/11/11.

Over a period of two months consultation papers were delivered to every house-hold on the Strawberry Vale estate and residents were invited to put forward their proposals on how they would like to see the North Circular Road Fund spent.

Thirteen(13) ideas were put forward, four(4) of which were eliminated because they did not match the fund’s criteria. The nine(9) that remained were then put on display at the centre and the residents were invited to view them and vote.

Six(6) proposals made it through this process (you can click on them to see how they are progressing):

  1. Garden Project £50,000
  2. Benches on the hill £4,000
  3. Existing Play Area £54,801
  4. Computer Club £10,050
  5. Toddlers Green £55,498
  6. Bike Stands £1,400

This page will remain, so that Residents can freely review the consultation process that has taken place. 

History of the NCR Fund

When the North Circular Road was widened, Camden and Islington Councils were compensated by Transport for London for the land they lost to the development.

Some of the money £160,560 that they received was transferred over to the Peabody Trust in 1998 with the stipulation that it can only be spent on community projects for the benefit of Strawberry Vale residents and that no individual payments to the residents could be made.

This money has been held in trust since 1998, pending agreement by the residents on how it can be spent. It has accrued interest, and as of the 30th June 2011 stood at £211,631. In April 2010, the Green Man Management Group applied to Peabody to release some money from the NCR Fund to pay for a community centre manager post for two years. The post holder’s responsibilities would include consulting residents on the future usage of the NCR Fund.

North Circular Road (NCR) Fund – UPDATES

19/04/11 – Martin confirmed that the fund stood at £216,295.46 as of the 31/03/2011

27/4/11 – PowerPoint with draft proposals for consultation process created.

May 2011 – Centre Manager’s Update was circulated around the estate in the lead up to the AGM.

11/05/11 – GMMG AGM. Some residents raised their concerns about the history of the fund, where it came from, what it was for and how the criteria on how it could be spent was established. Centre Manager agreed to investigate further.

12/05/11 – Centre Manager wrote to Stephen Howlett regarding the NCR Fund.

May/June/11 – Peabody, Members of the Green Man Management Committee past and present, and individual residents from the estate have provided the Centre Manager with documents about the NCR Fund. This includes approximately 70+ pages of information including copies of minutes, letters to residents, newsletters and excel spreadsheets.

It is clear from the paperwork trail that the money received by Camden & Islington was compensation for the land that they lost during the North Circular Road development not compensation for the inconvience and disruption that the residents experienced during the works.

The NCR Fund itself is covered by an Act of Parliament that states it can not be used to compensate council tenants.

23/06/11 – Veronica Kirwan wrote to the Centre Manager in response to his letter to Stephen Howlett 12/05/11.

June 2011 – Having checked through all the documents, and satisfied that there have been no withdrawals from the NCR Fund. The Centre Manager consulted the Green Man Management Committee and it was agreed to request that Peabody write to all the residents on the estate.

The original amount deposited in the fund by Camden and Islington was £160,560. The Centre Manager’s salary has been funded solely out of the interest acrued since the fund was set up and held in trust by Peabody.

01/08/11 – George Kirby has recently written to all the residents of Strawberry Vale to confirm background of the NCR Fund, and the criteria that it can only be spent on community projects that benefit the residents of the estate.

25/08/11 – The Green Man Management Group are currently in the process of finalising the consultation process which is due to be implemented shortly.

 7/9/11 – Green Man Managment Group Committee Meeting took place and the process and timescale for the process was agreed (click on this link for the full update) The only change to the plans was to hold the count on the 10/11/11 so that it did not clash with the Remembrance Day plans.

23/09/11 – Consultation Posters were put up on the notice-boards at the centre.

26/09/11 – Mark hand delivered consultation paperwork to all house-holds on the Strawberry Vale estate.

This included:

  • A cover letter
  • A leaflet advertising the drop-in sessions.
  • The NCR FUND Consulation Proposal form

Between the 26/09/11 to 24/10/11 Mark has helped residents develop their ideas into proposals and assisted them filling out the proposal paperwork.

01/10/11 – Saturday drop-in at the centre /Cockney Sparrow Event

06/10/11 – Two drop-in sessions held at the centre. One during the day, the other in the evening.

13/10/11 – Drop-in session held at the centre.

18/10/11 – Drop-in session held at the centre.

20/10/11 – Drop-in session held at the centre.

24/10/11 – 5pm Deadline for proposals to be submitted.

In total 13 proposals were submitted.

  • Josie Poulter – Benches on the hill – £4,000.00
  • Mary Dowling – Bike Stands – £1,400.00
  • David Matthews – Common Room 16-25 yrs Old – £12,000.00
  • Olajide Akinbote – Strawberry Vale Computer Club – £10,050.00
  • Pat Dean – The Strawberry Vale Garden – £50,000.00*
  • Amina Abdinoor – Strawberry Network for Supplimentry Education – £31,000.00
  • Monica Coburn – Triangle area Picnic Tables and Benching – £9,100.00
  • Patrick O’Brien – Tablet/Kindles – £41,712.30
  • Gary Connelly – Screen on the Green – £50,000.00
  • Stevie Sampson – The Toddlers Green – £55,498.00
  • Stevie Sampson – The Teenage Fitness Trim Trail – option a £23,818.00
  • Stevie Sampson – The Teenage Fitness Trim Trail – option b £14,842.00
  • Stevie Sampson – The Existing Play Area – option a £62,620.00
  • Stevie Sampson – The Existing Play Area – option b £54,801


At this stage the panel went through the proposals and eliminated 3 because they did not match the fund’s criteria:

  • David Matthews – Common Room 16-25 yrs Old – £12,000.00
  • Amina Abdinoor – Strawberry Network for Supplimentry Education – £31,000.00
  • Patrick O’Brien – Tablet/Kindles – £41,712.30

Stevie Sampson was asked to simplify her five proposals (which became three).

Concerns were expressed over the NCR Fund Panel’s decision to exclude the Common Room proposal submitted by David Matthews, however this issue was resolved by one of the GMMG committee who spoken to David and encouraged him to withdraw his proposal on the grounds that it was perceived to be unsubstainable.

So nine proposals went through to the next stage – Exhibition and Voting:

Between the 26/10/11 to 4/11/11 Mark set up exhibition in the old EFAS office at the Centre.

More pictures available on our facebook page (click here)

4/11/11 – Leaflet drop to households on the estate to encourage residents to come and see the exhibition at the centre (this was done over a period of 3 days).

Jan and Helen raised issue with “Option J” on the publicity leaflet and ballot forms “J = Reopen Consultation Process – Re-open consultation processs for further ideas” as the option had not been discussed or agreed by the GMMG committee.

The option had been included in the orginal paperwork submitted to the GMMG committee, although worded differently “Option L – Save the money for future projects as yet unknown “.

The decision was made not to deliver the rest of the leaflets and withdraw the ballot papers, which were then re-printed without Option J.


Before voting began Gary raised questions about how the votes would be counted. This was discussed with those present, and the process was confirmed and agreed by Jan and Helen.

12:00 to 13:45 Mark covered the ballot box.

13:45 to 16:00 Jan/Helen covered the ballot box.

Gary requested that the ballot box been taped up to prevent any opportunist tampering with the ballot papers (although none took place). When not in use, the ballot box was locked in the Centre Manager’s office.

Mary was the first Strawberry Vale resident to cast her vote!

10/11/11 – 6PM VOTING CLOSES

10/11/11 – 6.30pm Ballot Boxes opened. Public count with results checked twice by Mark and Martin, observed by approximately 12 residents who came along to watch the process.

49 households took part in the vote – 3 ballot forms were found to be spoilt.

How the votes were scored. 1 = 9 points, 2 = 8 points and so on.

Six of the proposals were announced as having made it through to the next stage of the process as follows:

      1. Garden Project £50,000
      2. Benches on the hill £4,000
      3. Existing Play Area £54,801
      4. Computer Club £10,050
      5. Toddlers Green £55,498
      6. Bike Stands £1,400

Total cost £175,749

Whilst three projects – The Screen on the Green, The Teenage Fitness Trim Trail and the Triangular Area Picnic Tables & Benches failed to make it through to the next stage.

11/11/11 – Results posted at the Green Man Community Centre and on the centre’s facebook page.

11/11/11 – Mark e-mailed Martin the full details of the six proposals that have been selected so that Peabody can start the next stage of the process.

Now now need to see these proposals become projects – to follow how they are progressing please take a look at the new project pages that have been set up.

  1. Garden Project £50,000
  2. Benches on the hill £4,000
  3. Existing Play Area £54,801
  4. Computer Club £10,050
  5. Toddlers Green £55,498
  6. Bike Stands £1,400



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