Computer Room

We currently do not hire out the computer room facilities.

This page will provide information about the computer room including:

  • Centre Membership
  • Opening Times
  • House-rules
  • Getting on-line
  • On-line Basics Course
  • Future leaflets

Centre Membership

Those wishing to use the centre’s facilities need to sign up as members.

We currently have two types of membership:

  • Strawberry Vale Residents (open to all residents who live on Strawberry Vale)
  • Friends of the Green Man (open to other users of the centre, and those who live locally).

Membership Application Form PDF: Tri-fold Membership

Opening Times

Usually during the centre’s core opening times (depending upon staff and volunteer availability)

  • Monday to Friday
  • 9am to 5pm

House rules

Leaflet 00 – an introduction to our facilities PDF: Trifold Computer 00

Getting on-line

Leaflet 01 – an introduction to getting on-line PDF: Trifold Computer 01

On-line basics course

Leaflet 02 – sign up for free “Go-on On-line Basics Course” PDF: Trifold Computer 02

page for GO-ON Website

Future Leaflets

Hopefully more leaflets will be produced in due course.


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