In this section you will find details about:

  1. Centre
  2. Green Man Management Group
  3. Green Man Centre Administrator
  4. Tenancy of Will
  5. Peabody.
  6. Strawberry Vale Estate.
  7. East Finchley
  8. Barnet

1. Centre

The Green Man Community Centre is primarily a resource for residents of Strawberry Vale. Facilities include a large hall, two meeting rooms, a community kitchen, a computer room, the Green Man Management Group Committee room, toilets on both floors, three offices and an enclosed garden at the rear of the premises (see our hiring facilities section for more details). There is plenty of parking space nearby, and a large patch of land next to the centre which is due to be developed into a community garden.

To hire the facilities download this booking application form PDF: Tri-fold Booking Form

Peabody uses the large downstairs office as a hub office for its staff; including Patrick (who covers reception) and Jessica (the estate manager). They share with Maureen (from Credit Union).

The Centre Administrators’ office is located upstairs accessed through the Green Man Management Group Committee Room.

The centre has a membership scheme which everyone is encouraged to join if they want to use the facilities and be kept informed about what is happening. There are two types of members;

  • Strawberry Vale Residents
  • Friends of the Green Man

To join download this membership application form PDF: Tri-fold Membership

2. Green Man Management Group

Each year, at their annual general meeting in May, Strawberry Vale residents select the team who make up the Green Man Management Group, who are the committee who run the centre.

3. Green Man Centre Manager

Initially the Centre Manager has been employed on a 2-year basis to work with and for the Green Man Management Group to manage and develop the Green Man Community Centre.

4. Tenancy at Will

Whilst Peabody own the building, the centre’s facilities and booking process is managed by the Green Man management Group under a Tenancy at Will. This is a basic agreement between Peabody and the management group.

5. Peabody

Peabody is the housing association that have owned and managed the Strawberry Vale Estate and surrounding land since 1998. They took over this responsibility from Camden and Islington council.

6. Strawberry Vale Estate

I will write a paragraph about the SV Estate asap.

7. East Finchley

I will write a paragraph about East Finchley asap.

8. Barnet

I will write a paragraph about Barnet asap.


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